Reclaiming Easter PowerPoint Presentations (7-part)


Addressing many claims from Da Vinci Code, Josh McDowell validates the deity of Christ by looking at the events we celebrate today as Easter. Did Jesus claim to be God? What did first century Jews really think of him? What evidence is there that Jesus died and rose again as the Son of God?

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  1. 1. Reclaiming Easter
    • Topics include: Claims of Deity, Trial, Trilemma, Resurrection Claims
  2. 2. Reclaiming Easter
    • Topics include: Resurrection (testimonies), Science Method, Legal Method, Approach History, The Historian
  3. 3. Reclaiming Easter
    • Topics include: Bible: Fact, Fiction or Fable?, Bibliographical Test, How many manuscripts?, Internal Evidence Test, Eyewitness Accounts, Appeal to Listeners, External Evidence Test, Biblical Variants, Hostile Eyewitnesses
  4. 4. Reclaiming Easter
    • Topics include:  Eyewitness Accounts, Trial of Jesus, Crucifixion of Christ, Dead Man Speaks, Crucifixion/Medical Explanation (whips, breaking legs, spilling of blood & water, furca, Roman customs, solid rock tomb, reasons for confidential burial, Jewish burial procedures, body preparation)
  5. 5. Post-Resurrection Facts
    • Topics include:  Post-Resurrection Facts (Roman seal broken, security guard, empty tomb, moved stone, Roman guard goes AWOL, grave-clothes tell a tale, Christi’s confirmed appearance)
  6. 6. Theories
    • Topics include:  Principles, Theories: Myth, Wrong Tomb, Unknown Tomb, Legend, Swoon, Hallucination; Theory Weaknesses, Muslim Substitution Theory, Conspiracy Theory, Skeptic’s Opinion, Certainty of Jesus’ Death, Passover-The Plot
  7. 7. Evidence For The Resurrection
    • Topics include:  Direct Evidence vs Circumstantial Evidence, Circumstantial Evidence, Prophecy Fulfilled in Christ, Possibility of Just 8 Prophecies fulfilled, Why did Jesus have to die?, Who is God?, Redemption/Propitiation, Why did God create us?, Illustration: Story of the Judge